Medical Advice and Treatment

Nothing in this Web site, nor in any other published material, either stated or implied, is to be taken as meaning that the manufacturers of the First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand, nor any employee, agent, reseller, dealer, distributor, practitioner, therapist, nor any other person or organisation associated with First Light Essences in any way, is purporting to give “medical advice” or medical treatment of the type normally given by a licensed medical practitioner. All information provided is for educational purposes only.

Nor do we, in any way, claim to offer any products, treatment, service, or advice, that purports to cure, heal, alleviate, or prevent, any illness or medical condition. Flower essences work in a totally different way to products such as herbal remedies or pharmaceutical drugs. Essences are not allopathic medicine and they do not work on the body in any direct biochemical way, they work at a more subtle level, at the emotional and spiritual levels.

While it is our experience that the products and services referred to often appear to have a beneficial effect when used as directed, the use of these products and/or services is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment from a qualified health care professional.

Anyone with a medical condition is advised to seek appropriate advice from a health-care professional.