Why would you want to take a flower essence?

The First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® can gently support us on an emotional and spiritual level.  Each essence has a key word and this can act as a quick reference guide if you want to transform a negative state or if you wish to enhance a positive state. For example if you want to transform a negative state of resentment and bitterness you could take essence No 24 Poroporo. Or if you know that on a particular day you are going to require a lot of willpower, then you could take the Flower essence No 24 Poroporo to support you.

The essences can also be used as part of a treatment programme whereby you would take a blend of essences tailor made to suit your situation. For example if you have experienced trauma through a car accident, the Fern family of essences may be a starting place as they assist with trauma and fears. The Ferns would be taken for one month, you would return for a follow up consult and essences would be prescribed accordingly. Further consultations may be required.

The First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® can also be used on a maintenance level to keep us in tune.

How long do I take the bottle of essence for?

A treatment bottle may contain 1 – 8 essences; each blend will be tailor made to suit your needs. It is recommended that each treatment bottle be taken within a 4- 6 week period.  It takes 28 days to change a pattern and another 28 days to lock it in therefore it is recommended to take 2 bottles of the same blend to support the issue.

Who has created the First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand®?

The First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® were co-created by  Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber and her husband Anthony Wyber. Franchelle comes from a lineage of medicine men and woman and has over 40 years experience working with plant intelligence, the Devas and nature power. Anthony Wyber is highly gifted and respected in the field of energy medicine and metaphysics. He has over 50 years experience of working with nature.

There is also a special 3rd person, Dr. Rangimarie Turuki Arikirangi Rose Pere, a New Zealand wisdom keeper and last traditional tohuna. She too has played a pivotal part in the creation of the First Light Flower Essence range and she is the spiritual patron and protector in perpetuity for First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand®.

no 31

No. 31 Native Iris – Individuality; a flower essence to support being at ease with your uniqueness.

The Flower Collection© – No’s 1 – 36

The 36 Flower Essences are also called ‘The Flowers of Transformation©’ as they can transform the 36 different personality types and negative attitudes that relate to each type into positive harmonious states. The 36 Flower Essences relate to the 12 zodiacal signs; 3 expressions of each. Each of us, depending on the day we were born, has a Personal Keynote Essence© or Power Flower©. This is the ‘good medicine’ we bring to the world.

For example the No 8  Matata personality type which is one of the Gemini expressions can be prone to worrying. This is the essence that assists us when we have that endless mind chatter. By taking No. 8 Matata it can transform the negative state of worrying into a positive optimistic state.

When we make up a blend, we usually put the power flower into the blend to support the personality.

The Fern Collection© – No’s 37 – 43.

The next family of essences No’s 37 – 43 are the Fern essences and these are also referred to as the ‘Life Trauma Set©’. The Ferns work with our aura/energy field and can assist by clearing, washing away and cleansing trauma and fears in our energy field. For example No 40 Silver Fern works at the heart level and supports us with heart trauma e.g. betrayal, rejection and abandonment.

The Tree Collection© – No’s 44 – 50.

The next family of essences, No’s 44-50 are the 7 Tree essences and they are also referred to as the ‘Personal Power Set©’ as they enable/assist us to stand like a tree, in our personal power.

The Tree essences can do this as they work directly with the chakras. Our chakras act as gateways for energy to move in and out of the body. Like the aura, our chakras can become impacted with negative energy and this leads to blockages and imbalances and this in turn can affect the physical body.

The Tree essences help to strengthen, protect, balance and clear the chakras.

For example No 44 Kahikatea supports the base chakra which is related to all the structures in our life. When we are out of balance in this chakra we may be in a state of chaos on a physical level, for example we struggle with our finances and/or daily chores.

no 56

No.56 Inkberry – Vision; a seed essence to support creating a new personal Vision.

The Seed Collection© – No’s 51 – 62

The next family of essences are the 12 Seed essences, also referred as ‘The New Beginnings Set©’ and they work at the level of the DNA. The Seeds help us with deep fears and negative belief patterns, negative ancestral and heredity issues as well as issues we have brought in from our past lives.  For example No 52 Nikau Palm can support us with non-attachment on an emotional level.

The Plant Collection© – No’s 63 – 84.

The Plant family of essences, No’s 63 – 84 is also referred to as the ‘Life Enhancement Set©’ and they work to enhance the life of the soul.

The Soul is the part of us that is here to learn, grow and evolve and as it does so, it needs a lot of love, compassion and support. The 22 Plant essences can assist the soul with the lessons it has come to master and as a result, the soul can magically engage with life by fully consciously participating in the experiences.

The Plant essences can be taken on a daily basis to assist us with the challenges and choices we have. For example, No 63 Karamu – this can be taken when you feel like a juggler with too many balls in the air.

The Healers Collection© – No’s 85 – 96.

The Healers essences are 12 essences that support those in healing professions e.g. Nurses, counsellors, naturopaths, massage therapists as well as everyone else. Most healing modalities teach the external skills of the modality however the students are not taught the internal skills and disciplines. For example No 86 Ancient Kauri can assist one to stay in heart and maintain a heart centred focus when working with a client and No 90 Smooth Shield Fern can provide protection on an energetic level when working with clients or life in general.

The Shamanic Collection© – No’s 97 – 120.

These 24 essences when used therapeutically can be compared to going to the specialist and assist with special soul states. For example No 112 Broken Heart Tree can be used when one has a broken heart and No 104 Red Matipo can assist with soul retrieval; when a part of the soul goes walkabout e.g. due to a trauma.

The Orchids – No’s 121 – 128.

One of the areas of focus for these 8 essences is to assist the children born this century who are highly sensitive.

The final 2 sets are the Fern Allies – No’s 129 – 136 and Sacred Mountain Grasses No’s 137 – 144. These essences along with the Orchids have a spiritual pathway focus. More details can be found at www.medicinewoman.com

Flower Essences can be used by anyone including pregnant woman, children and pets.